Template:Eras See here for requirements for obtaining a cloak before using this page.

After you meet the requirements for a cloak, sign your name below (to prove the person on the wiki is the same as the one requesting the cloakname), and find one of the current group contacts (listed below) when they are on IRC. They will contact freenode staff to request your cloak be applied.

  • Current group contacts:
    1. Template:U (cloak @wookieepedia/bureaucrat/Darth-Culator)
    2. Template:U (cloak @wikia/vstf/countervandalism.user.Grunny)
    3. Template:U (cloak @wookieepedia/administrator/

List your Wookieepedia user name, your primary IRC nick, and the type of cloak you would prefer (plain, administrator, etc.). If your username is particularly long or has invalid characters, please list how you would like it shown in your cloak. Click the "make request" link to continue.

New requestsEdit

Does not meet Wookieepedia requirementsEdit

Needs a primary IRC nickEdit

Please make sure your listed IRC nick is the one that shows for "logged in as:" on freenode.

Meets Wookieepedia and freenode requirementsEdit

If your name is here, find us on IRC to get your cloak. You may be asked in a private message to make a specific edit to this page to confirm your IRC identity.