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Only report vandals that require blocking. Remember to assume good faith.


Welcome to the RuneScape Wiki Counter Vandalism Unit. This page is here to help combat vandalism on articles. This page is monitored by administrators who have the ability to deal with vandals and stop them from causing further damage to the wiki. Vandalism is an offence that a user may be blocked for. If you have noticed severe vandalism on an article, please post the article and name of the offending user or IP address under the Current vandalism section, and it will be dealt with.

Current vandalismEdit

Reporters: When reporting a suspected vandal, insert {{cvuid|<username>}} or {{cvuid|<IP address>}} in place of {{cvuid|<insert vandal>}}.
Administrators: When a vandal has been dealt with, please replace the name/I.P. with "insert vandal".

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