Hey welcome to my blog. In this blog, I am going to make you discover some staff of the wiki and how they discovered this wiki ! My first interview will be with my Emperor friend, Pickleseller.

Any questions about the interview? you want to be interviewed too? tell it in the comments. Template:Interview/Header2


Emperor Jarjarkine

Game Questions

  • Interviewer: Wich game is your favorite?
  • Pickleseller:Oblivion
  • Interviewer:Why?
  • Picklesser: Skyrim is too Scandanavian'y and Norse and viking-y and I can't seem to get in to Morrowind,
  • Pickleseller: We cant i think
  • Interviewer: gahh
  • Pickleseller:Hearthfire.

I liked the home feeling from it.

  • Interviewer: :) You adopted a child?
  • Pickleseller: Yes :D
  • Interviewer: :D
  • Pickleseller:Yes.

My first was Lucia.

  • Interviewer:Wait let me guess the second....


  • Pickleseller:Nope.

That kid from the Solitude Stables.
Blaise I think.

  • Interviewer:What?? You cannot

just adopt kids from the Riften place?

  • Pickleseller: Constance was dead in that save, so I couldn't.
  • Interviewer:Hum
  • Pickleseller: You joined Dawnguard?
  • Interviewer: Indeed I did.
  • Pickleseller: You liked?
  • Interviewer:I guess.

It wasn't the best questline in the game.

  • Pickleseller: Sovngarde.
  • Interviewer: You went on cyrodill ?
  • Pickleseller: You can?
  • Interviewer:Indeed :)

Its a mod

  • Pickleseller:Ah.

That makes sense.

  • Interviewer:Why
  • Pickleseller: Because I don't remember seeing a White-Gold Tower in Sovngarde, so it being a modification to the game makes sense.
  • Interviewer:Yes
  • Pickleseller: Yes.
  • Interviewer:XD

  • Interviewer:  : How many years is that making since you joined Tes?
  • Pickleseller:I joined last year in June.
  • Interviewer: Hey btw

Thats really funny because your the 3 guy who joined june last years

  • Pickleseller: :P
  • Interviewer:When you joined, were you shy?
  • Pickleseller:Pretty much
  • Interviewer: Really of whom were you afraid of? Jimee? XD
  • Pickleseller: Every staff membres
  • Interviewers:Why?
  • Pickle: I didn't know if they were the kind who would ban someone at the slightest infraction.
  • Interviewer: Now lets talk about Wikia. How did you discover Tes:Wiki?
  • Pickleseller:
  • Interviewer: When you joined, is the wiki was sooo populated like now?
  • Pickleseller
  • Interviewer:So you saw the population grow up like E-Johnson?
  • Pickleseller:Yeah
  • Interviewer:What is your future goal in the wiki?
  • Pickleseller:To help the forums.
  • Interviewer: Do you think you'll become Patroller?
  • Pickleseller: No.

Definitely not.

  • Interviewer: Wow why?
  • Pickleseller: Because I spend too much time on the forums and chat and not enough time on the mainspace.
  • Interviewer: ow :(......OKAY TIME FOR THE BONUS
  • Pickleseller:

/!\BON U S/!\

  • Interviewer:Will you buy Elder Scroll Online?
  • Pickleseller: No
  • Interviewer: Do you like Pickle?
  • Pickleseller: Yes.
  • Interviewer: Why ?
  • Pickleseller: I don't have enough money for the subscription.
  • Interviewer:Ow

So, the interview is over Pickle ! :)
Thx for you time
How many do you give /10 ?

  • Pickleseller: 11/10 !
  • Interviewer: Really?

You liked?
I was sure you'll give 3

  • Pickleseller: I really liked :p
  • Interviewer:Because it was loong between the time it start

like 4 days

  • Pickleseller:I did liked :)