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The Kyoshi Chronicles is one of the few stories to focus on a past Avatar, but with a love for Kyoshi that words can't define, Kyoshidude really takes history to a whole new level!

What happens if the Earth King doesn't want an Avatar? Seventeen year old Kyoshi has to face danger like she never has before, all the while trying to learn, not just the other three elements, but her native earthbending; she didn't even realize she was a bender at first. With the help of her two friends and a shirshu, Kyoshi must evade almost everyone if she wants to survive long enough to bring balance back. Can she do it?

Kyoshidude really takes his writing seriously, and it's obvious from the effort he puts into it that he loves his writing. I can guarantee that you'll love it too.

Nominating a Featured Fanon

Some chapters make you laugh so hard you can no longer focus on the words. Others make you think about the world, and what you can do to change it for the better. Template:F of Typhoonmaster's amazing fanon, Template:F, does none of these. No, it makes you want to curl up into a little ball and weep for a few hours. Once you think you're done crying, you'll remember this chapter and want to cry all over again.

The entire story, it seems, was building up to this moment. Ty has a wonderful, if not slightly sadistic skill, of making you absolutely fall in love with his world before wrenching it away. It's not just the characters you love; it's the setting and animals. It's the beautiful imagery and the way he can draw out emotions you didn't even realize you had. And then he manages to completely turn it on its head and destroy it right before your very eyes. He has pulled a 'Chapter Thirteen', and there's nothing you can do about it.

If you haven't already read this story, do it. You will regret not reading it just as much as you will regret it by reading it. Ty is.... he's just that good.

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